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This community has been brought to you

by a falling bomb.
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About the Community:

This is a community for the days when you're bored out of your mind. You can post pictures, information about bands that you enjoy, tell us about your run-in with the cops; whatever. The point is to stop boredom. It is a disease that is overtaking the country's young people. We must stop this! We know you're an lj-whore anyway, otherwise you wouldn't've found this community. Once you read this, you have to apply.

Your mods are:


The rules are non-negotiable. Do no contradict us. If you don't agree with a rule, lie. We don't care. Just don't start shit, or we will eat your reproductive organs. Wait, I take that back. Start shit. The whole point is to provide entertainment. We can and will ban you, though. Mods will not put up with your petty problems, so don't try it.


1. Thursday must be at least your second god.
2. Post the application first. Then hold off on all other posting 'til we give you the 'yay' or 'nay'.
3. You must have killed yourself at least 13 times.
4. Your middle name must be Russell if you're a male, or Michelle if you're a female. Don't ask why. Change your name if you must. Add a fourth name if that's what it takes. This is how we'll know if you read this.
5. You must listen to Taking Back Sunday religiously. And prove it.
6. You have to have blown up a condom at least once in your life.
7. Do not argue with members on your application.
8. You have to post once a week, minimum.
9. For Thursday's sake, put your application behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how, ask someone. Failure to do this will result in an automatic no.
10. You must be a sacrificial Coheed and Cambria fan.
11. You must add both mods before you will be accepted.
12. Bold your answers on the application.


*What do you go by?
*How old do you tell people you are?
*Where can we find you?
*What is your gender?
*What gender do you prefer to keep intimate company with?
*Who is your favorite band? Can you justify this?
*What is the greatest line from a song?
*How many times have you watched Donnie Darko?Butterfly Effect?Fight Club? Requiem For A Dream? What do they mean to you and what impact have they had on your life?
*Prove that you are an educated person.
*What is your favorite thing to hate?
*Have you ever read "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"? If yes, how has it affected your life? If no, why not (and it better be a damn good reason)?
*Show us a random picture.
*Do you do drugs?
*If so, are you planning on sharing?
*What are we going to get out of letting you into our community?
*Make us laugh.
*Promote this community in at least one place and provide a link.
*Let's see your face!

*Leave us with a thought-provoking note.