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*What do you go by?Steve
*How old do you tell people you are?14(turning 15 in Janurary)
*Where can we find you?Poughkeepsie NY
*What is your gender?Male
*What gender do you prefer to keep intimate company with?Female
*Who is your favorite band? Can you justify this?Underoath-i have 2 shirts,and 3 out of 4 cds of theres,or Co&Ca,1shirt,getting one jacket,and i have 2cds.
*What is the greatest line from a song?"Gimme one more drink and I swear I think I'll be ready
to make the same mistakes again with you."

*How many times have you watched Donnie Darko?Butterfly Effect?Fight Club? Requiem For A Dream? What do they mean to you and what impact have they had on your life? I've only seen the Butterfly Effect,and Its only made the "that was an awesome movie" impact.
*Prove that you are an educated person.I have 10 fingers and 10 toes?
*What is your favorite thing to hate?Haters.
*Have you ever read "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"? If yes, how has it affected your life? If no, why not (and it better be a damn good reason)?I havent read since i had to which was last year for an english report...
*Show us a random picture. bet you cant guess who that is... 
*Do you do drugs?No,I only smoke
*If so, are you planning on sharing?If i did drugs..
*What are we going to get out of letting you into our community?I guess you'll be getting another unique person,and someone to talk to about anything?
*Make us laugh.look in the mirror :-x
*Promote this community in at least one place and provide a link.
*Let's see your face!

*Leave us with a thought-provoking note. YOU'RE ALL GAY! think about that..

LOVE ALL THE TIME:War all the time-Thursday

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