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i went to a show last night...

hey everybody, how are you doing. i haven't posted here in a while, and i'm bored as hell.

last night i went to a show. a band from my town played, so i thought it would be worth a shot. (plus it was cheap) when we got to the building, it was in a really trashy part of town. my mom almost didn't let me stay, but after talking to my brother's friend, who is in the band mentioned above, she decided it would be okay. it was really really embarrassing. no more out-of-town shows until i can drive, ha ha. overall, i had a bad night. the bands were great, but i just wasn't feeling too hot for reasons that would take far too long to explain. at one point i got dragged into the mosh, and my elbow got kinda fucked, so that was really exciting. it was cool for me because i usually stand on the outside of moshes. i'm probably boring you now, and if you read this far then you're awesome.

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