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I wrote this poem..  and I like it.  And I thought I would share it with you guys because you give the best opinions, so honest.  I love it.  I think you might like this one...  It needs a little work, but hey...  It can't be perfect on the first try

Kat <3


Social Status

My chipped nail polish
My black hair dye
My bright red lipstick
The fire burning in my eyes
My social status
Labeled as the school freak
Everyone runs form me
They never let me speak

My platinum blond hair
My brand new tenis shoes
My beautiful smile
My eyes so blue
My social status
The schools most beautiful girl
Life is so great for me
Spinning in one big whirl

My expensive Nike shorts
My expensive tan of gold
My spikey brown hair
My smile so bold
My social status
The schools coolest jock
Everything of mine matches
Even my $30 socks

My brown natural curls
My thick rimmed glasses
My plad t-shirts
My A's in all my classes
My social status
The schools biggest nerd
No one listens to what I say
Nope, not a word

The evil look in my eyes
The mean grin that rests upon my face
The leather jacket that I wear
I'm always in the wrong place
My social status
The schools rebel
Drive off on my motorcycle
Scattering all the pebbles

My body piercings
My skimpy clothes
The child to whom I gave birth
My secrets, no one knows
My social status
The school slut
I'm not permitted happiness
Never keeping my legs shut

My eyes of poor color
My brain not to smart
Trying to be normal
But I got a late start
My social status
The school's "retard"
They hate me because I'm slow
My feelings, the discard

My short black hair
The piercing in my navel
My anti-sport attitude
My eyes deep with hazel
My skin so pale
My different sense of style
My brain can be slacking
My semi-happy smile
My social status
All of these stereotypes mixed
I'd rather be nothing
I'd rather not exsist

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